Hi Jerry and the Members of Addison Midday Rotary,
We hope that you are safe and healthy and coping well with the Covid-19 crisis.
We have received and deposited your check. Thank you so much for your incredible contribution to support our 2020-2021 Nutrition Fund at Education Plus. We appreciate your kindness and your immense generosity in these uncertain times. 
As you may know from our newsletter, during the pandemic we have suspended our on-site services and now provide our students with homework and food packets to be prepared at home. We hope to get back to having classes and serving lunch on-site sometime this summer.
Your gift has been matched for a total contribution of $4,800 and will provide our students and their families with over 10,000 nutritious meals! Our kids love the food that we serve them and you are helping to provide the nutrition that they need to be healthy and to concentrate on their studies at home.
Let’s hope that this crisis is over (or at least safer!) soon and we can get back to serving and teaching these children the way that we do best; with an abundance of positive reinforcement and love.  Things may not be “normal” for a very long time, but we will keep adapting to whatever challenges that we face.
Here’s a short video of our Food Distribution Program in times of Covid-19 at Casa de Los Sueños for you to share:
Thank you again, please stay safe and healthy.
May you all be blessed you as you have blessed the amazing children that we have the privilege to serve at Education Plus Nicaragua!
Jim, Monica, Keeley, The Staff, and The Amazing Children of Education Plus
Jim Durham
Managing Director 
Education Plus Nicaragua
Tel: 011 505 8793 3619