May 9
Brian Gonzales, Director of Audience and Benefactor Development. 
Watertower Theater

Brian is glad to be home and working with WTT again as the new Director of Audience and Benefactor Development. He's been fortunate enough to work in theaters and venues all over the country, plus some TV, and a brief stop in London, England. (I dunno, one minute I was sword fighting in the New Amsterdam Theatre, and then BAM…everyone talked British for two weeks.) He is married to Ashley Puckett Gonzales, a genius. (She's also a terrifying empath, and Brian’s best friend in the world.) They have two sons. Simon, a Godzilla fan, who has ASD, SPD, OCD, and Anxiety Disorder- yet chooses joy, practices flexibility, and thinks of others more than he realizes. And then there’s Gideon, the more spectral of the two, who goes his way. Brian likes cheese and tree sloths.