January 17 Meeting
Deena Israel
Addison Athletic Club
Deena Israel will update us on the new and improved Addison Athletic Club.
From Deena:
Hello, my name is Deena Israel. I graduated college at Eastern Kentucky University with a Therapeutic Recreation Degree in Science. I landed my first job with the town of Addison, my first and only interview.  I have had the joy of working here for the Town of Addison for 23 years. I have had many different roles at the Addison Athletic Club. I first Started as the Children’s Coordinator and oversaw all children’s programs for 7 years, then moved over to Senior Coordinator and programmed for all the town seniors for 9 years, then moved to Recreation Supervisor for 5 years, and now have been promoted to Program Recreation Manager with senior programs for the past year. Its been a crazy and fun journey but I would not have changed a thing. I love creating community for the Town of Addison.  It gives pure joy to bring community together.