A Thousand Words
Apr 23, 2019 12:01 PM
Ekansh Tambe
A Thousand Words

Ekansh Tambe has been documenting the impact a border has on citizens, residents, immigrants and federals agents. He began with the US – Mexico border.

In the December of 2017, he explored the border between North and South Korea and visited the DMZ  His discussions with the South Korean people led him to believe that peace is what's most important to Korean people.

In summer of 2018, he traveled to the West Bank (Palestine), Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt and Gaza to document the humanitarian crisis along the border.

Currently his is working on the Spain / Morocco border and the Berlin Wall.

Ekansh lives in Dallas and is a freshman at St. Mark’s School of Texas.  He loves reading, traveling, meeting new people and playing ping pong.  He competes in local tennis tournaments.  He has a collection of over 8000 phots shot along the various border he has visted.

Recently, he had an exhibition at the Addison Conference and Theatre Center.

Website - www.thousandwords-photography.squarespace.com