Midday News for AMRC V10 N45 for June 2
Rotary Monthly Theme
JUNE IS ROTARY FELLOWSHIP MONTHJune is designated Rotary Fellowships Month to recognize the importance of international fellowship and goodwill among Rotarians with similar recreational and vocational interests, promote increased participation in fellowships, and increase understanding of this program.
Consider Donating to Education Plus Nicaragua
Club President Jerry is asking club members to donate to Education Plus Nicaragua, a charity he worked with on his Rotary trip to Nicaragua.
From Education Plus web site:

Education Plus Today
In June 2014, our community center Casa de los Sueños (CDLS) opened to the joy of nearly 200 children and their parents.  Here we provide food, education, and activities in order to eliminate malnutrition, instill core values, and give them the resources they need to rise above their impoverished circumstances.  We offer our children a safe haven that keeps them off the streets, and exciting opportunities that keep them into education. In a country with the highest primary school dropout rate in Central America, our students believe that going to university is within their reach. Not only that, the children arrive to our program overjoyed to be there.  Instead of hunger, what these children – the “forgotten children” – now have, is hope. 
You can also visit them on Facebook:  
Please make out your check to The Addison Midday Rotary Foundation, put Education Plus on the memo line, and mail it to Treasurer Margie, 14616 Heritage Lane, Addison TX 75001 by June 1, 2020.
All the money raised will be donated to Education Plus.
June 2 Meeting
Carl Flowers
The Spirit of Success
1776 a group of determined individuals face impossible odds. Their goal: to defeat the mightiest nation on earth. They are unorganized, have few resources, and no outside support. But they have a dream -- freedom - - and they will not give up.
Using thrilling stories from the American Revolution combined with the words of the Founding Fathers, this inspiring presentation provides direction for anyone who has a dream to achieve.
See how the actions and words of America’s first patriots still point the way to success for us today … … hear how the beliefs of the Founding Fathers became a force stronger than the best armies in the world. … listen to the words that motivated the citizens of the 13 colonies and unified them into one nation. … learn the leadership secrets that enabled ordinary people to turn the world upside down.
Board Meeting
Special Board Meeting
Tuesday, June 9, 11:00 am
Meeting on Zoom
To discuss:
Meeting at May Dragon
Change to dues structure
Corporate membership
Club vote on Governing Documents
June 9th Meeting: Vote on the new Governing Documents
-       Adopt the Standard Rotary Club Constitution (no changes).
-       Approve the updated bylaws and P&Ps.

On May 19th, an email was sent to Club Members from Ivan which included:
-       A summary of changes in the constitution, in the draft bylaws, and in the draft Policies and Procedures (P&Ps);
-       The July 2019 Standard Rotary Club constitution — the only changes are that our name and locality have been typed in;
-       Draft updated bylaws; and
-       Draft updated P&Ps.
if you can not find your copy, please contact Ivan for a second set.
AMRC is Meeting On-Line
Addison Midday Rotary Club is Meeting via Zoom
Tuesdays at Noon
If you would like to be included, email us at
Join us at
Zoom Meetings will continue until at least May 20th, 
when the Dallas County Disaster Declaration is over.

OF THE THINGS we think, say, or do:

 1) Is it the TRUTH?

 2) Is it FAIR to all Concerned?

 3) Will it build GOOD WILL and BETTER FRIENDSIPS?

 4) Will it be BENEFICIAL to all Concerned?

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Jun 09, 2020 12:00 PM
Jun 16, 2020 12:00 PM
Rotary Youth Exchange
Jun 23, 2020 1:00 PM
Rebuilding Together North Texas
Jun 30, 2020
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Jun 27, 2020
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Jul 11, 2020 9:00 AM
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