Feb 07, 2023
Kristi M. Roye Director of Development
Traffick911 is a North Texas-based non-profit organization existing to free youth from sex trafficking by building trust-based relationships.
Founded in 2009, Traffick911 frees youth from sex trafficking by building trust-based relationships. This is accomplished through its flagship Voice & Choice Program which provides 24/7 crisis response, field-based advocacy, and specialized case management for child sex trafficking victims alongside law enforcement and community multi-disciplinary team partners.
The scope of child sex trafficking in North Texas currently outweighs the resources available to address it. Through Traffick911’s support of more than 2,000 survivors over 12 years, there has been a continuous pattern noted: victims are not receiving the specialized services they need and the emotional support for long-term healing. This often leads to victims returning to a life of exploitation. 
Growing up in the Navy, Kristi Roye’s relationship building started at a young age. Moving every couple of years, she was tasked with learning new places, building friendships, and relying on her strong values. Throughout her life, relationships became the core of who she is – developing a passion for helping people regardless of their life circumstances. Her nonprofit career expands almost 15 years and has led her to organizations focused on marginalized populations, youth, and social justice issues - many pointing to the intersectional issues within child sex trafficking. Through her experiences, and by recognizing that there are so many pressing needs in our own backyards, Kristi finds the most joy in connecting people to the causes they care about – asking them to volunteer, lead, give, or serve to make their world a better place - and dropping love bombs on them when they do!